Exide five lb

₹1250 ( 8%)
M.R.P : ₹1350

Exide 5 Lb 

Batteries: Exide

·Withstands bumps and vibration;Made for Indian Environment: Special hybrid alloy system ensures that the battery can withstand high temperatures; Quick recharge;Magic Eye: To check state of the charge and electrolyte level of the battery

·Leak-resistant design;Quick Recharge: Unique tree radial grid design, lower internal resistance and a special paste chemistry enhance recharging capability of the battery during use

·Enhanced Safety: Micro-porous filter disc in vent openings help arrest acid fumes and restrict spark propagation inside the battery;Maintenance-Free: Requires topping up only once in 6 months, special alloy ensures low water loss during high temperature operations

·Ready-to-Use: Batteries delivered factory-charged in ready-to-use condition;Acid level indicator present

.Vehicle compatibility : Activa , Pep , Wego, kinetic ,

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